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WATCH: China rejects ‘unwarranted accusations’ of election meddling

UNITED NATIONS — China’s foreign minister says his country doesn’t interfere in any other nation’s internal affairs. His comments came at a U.N. Security Council meeting after President Donald Trump accused the Chinese of “attempting to interfere” in the November elections in the U.S.

Foreign Minister Wang Yi also said he refused to accept any “unwarranted accusations” against China.

While chairing his first Security Council meeting, Trump made a point of saying in front of world leaders that “regrettably” his government found that China was trying to interfere. Trump says it’s because he’s the “first president ever” to challenge China on trade.

Wang looked on, stone-faced, as Trump made his statement.

China’s longstanding policy is noninterference in other nations’ internal affairs — and it is quick to cite that policy when any other nation criticizes it over anything from politics to human rights.

WATCH: Trump claims China ‘attempting to interfere’ in U.S. midterm elections