Watch Obama’s 2015 State of the Union in GIFs

The White House bent over backwards to make this the most approachable and shareable State of the Union yet. Minutes before it was delivered, the text of the president’s speech was made available to the public online. But here are 10 candid moments that made watching live worth it:

1. President Obama’s charm offensive was in full effect.

2. No, really. Full effect.

3. Everyone was a fan. Including Larry Merlo, the CEO of CVS Health (left).

4. Okay, maybe not everyone was a fan.

5. If you need a reminder on partisan gridlock, this was the first time President Obama delivered his annual address in front of a Republican Congress.
snaps-paul-ryan-braces-himself-about-pbs-newshour-state-of-the-union-on-pbs-newshour_jt (1)

6. That meant a whole lotta this:

7. But look, Democrats and Republicans stood up to clap together at least six times — for Michelle Obama, veterans, Captain Scott Kelly, anti-terrorism programs, anti-cyber attack efforts and a 103-year-old Selma marcher.
snaps-ernest-muniz-raised-eyes-about-pbs-newshour-state-of-the-union-on-pbs-newshour_ka (2)

8. Given the push-and-pull relationship between the White House and Congress right now, that’s saying something.

9. But POTUS didn’t let Republicans leave without a little joke.

10. And that’s a wrap. Catch you at the next one, Congress.

Anna Sillers contributed to this post.

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