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WATCH: Democrats say Trump could ‘reopen the government today’

Congressional Democrats say they’ll head to the White House with the plan to reopen the government — the same one they’ve been presenting. They’re asking President Donald Trump to accept a bipartisan bill to fund border security without the wall.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi said Wednesday the president “could end the Trump shutdown and reopen the government today, and he should.”

Pelosi and Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer spoke at an event where they were flanked by federal workers going without pay during the shutdown, now in its 19th day.

Schumer called workers the “collateral damage” of Trump’s “temper tantrum.” He said the president failed to “persuade a soul” during his “divisive” prime-time address Tuesday night to the nation.

Trump meets with congressional leaders at the White House Wednesday afternoon. He rejected the Senate’s bipartisan funding bill in December, sparking the shutdown.