WATCH: More trucking needed to ease supply chains, says Biden

Trucking is a necessary industry for easing supply chains but finding drivers has gotten more difficult, President Joe Biden said on Monday.

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“In this iconic American industry it is getting harder and harder, raising family with dignity and pride that they deserve,” said Biden during a speech at the White House.

“It’s getting harder and harder to recruit people to this industry, in particular women and people of color to an industry that this nation and our economy desperately needs at full strength.”

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Biden was speaking at an event publicizing his Truck Action plan which was launched by the Department of Transportation and the Department of Labor in December. It is intended to increase the number of truck drivers with training and “laying the foundation for improving job quality to keep people in the profession,” according to a statement issued by the White House.

Biden said since the launch more people have entered the truck driving industry and $57 million in federal funds were spent to help states issue commercial driver’s licenses faster.