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WATCH: Biden talks gas prices as he pushes domestic agenda

Fresh off back to back Senate victories on both his infrastructure plan and budget blueprint, President Joe Biden pitched his domestic agenda and economic plan Wednesday, insisting they’re already “working” to deliver for the American people.

Watch Biden’s remarks in the video player above.

Speaking in White House East Room, Biden rattled off what he said were a series of achievements.

“Jobs are up as  monthly price increases have come down. Economic growth is up, the fastest in 40 years and unemployment is coming down. So I would argue the Biden economic plan is working,” he said.

Still, Biden said despite the progress, “a lot of families are still feeling the pinch.”

He said his administration is working at home and abroad to try to address concerns about rising energy prices slowing the nation’s recovery from the pandemic-induced recession.

Biden said his National Economic Council had asked the Federal Trade Commission chair “to use every available tool to monitor the US gasoline market and address any illegal conduct that might be connected, might be contributing to price increases at the pump.”

At the same time, national security adviser Jake Sullivan called on the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries to move faster to restore global supply of petroleum to pre-pandemic levels.

The joint actions come as the administration is increasingly sensitive to rising prices across the economy as it faces both political and policy pressure from inflation.

Biden also touted his domestic spending plan, which he calls his “Build Back Better” agenda, calling it a long-term investment in American families.

“As we recover from this crisis, now is the moment to put in place the long term plan to build back America better,” he said.

The president urged Congress to get on board with his blueprint, insisting “a vote against this plan is a vote against lowering the cost of health care, housing, child care, elder care and prescription drugs for American families.”

The president spoke hours after the Senate handed him an initial budget victory, approving his $3.5 trillion dollar package of health, family and environmental programs.

Still, the passage was just a first step and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer conceded Wednesday that Democrats face a tough pathway to delivering the measure to President Joe Biden’s desk.