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WATCH: Energy Secretary nominee Jennifer Granholm appears at Senate confirmation hearing

Former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm testified before a senate committee as President Joe Biden’s pick for energy secretary.

Watch the confirmation hearing in the video player above.

Granholm is advocating for the U.S. to become a stronger competitor in renewable energy, such as wind and solar power, that does not emit planet-warming greenhouse gas emissions, calling the creation of “products that reduce carbon emissions” a “massive opportunity.”

“So we can buy electric car batteries from Asia or we can make them in America. We can stall wind turbines, install wind turbines from Denmark, or we can make them in America. We can allow other countries to corner the market on carbon reduction technologies like carbon capture, utilization and storage or we can put our workers in good paying jobs, manufacturing and installing those solutions in America,” Granholm said.

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Republican Sen. John Barrasso said that he worries the Biden administration will strengthen regulations that harm energy-related jobs in his state and the country.

The Biden administration is pushing to confront climate change.