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WATCH: House Administration committee discusses voting rights

The House Administration committee discussed voting rights, election methods, jurisdictional boundaries and redistricting on Thursday.

Watch the hearing in the player above.

Although the White House has characterized the issue as “the fight of his presidency,” Biden has prioritized his economic initiatives, measures more likely to win Republican support in the Senate. And he’s shown little interest thus far in diving into a messy debate over changing Senate rules to pass the legislation on Democratic votes alone.

But as Democrats’ massive election legislation was blocked by Republicans on Tuesday, progressives argued Biden could not avoid that fight much longer and must use all his leverage to find a path forward. The criticism suggested the voting debate may prove to be among Biden’s first major, public rifts with the left of his presidency.

“President Obama, for his part, has been doing more to salvage our ailing democracy than the current president of the United States of America,” New York Democratic Rep. Mondaire Jones said, referring to a recent interview in which the former president pushed for the legislation.

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