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WATCH: Jen Psaki holds White House news briefing

As Congressional hearings continued into the January 6th attack on Capitol Hill, White House press secretary Jen Psaki said it was “disturbing to see any leader, regardless of party, being attacked for speaking the truth.”

Watch in the video player above.

Psaki was speaking after House Republicans ousted Rep. Liz Cheney from her post as the chamber’s No. 3 GOP leader. They used a voice vote to punish her after she repeatedly rebuked former President Donald Trump for his false claims of election fraud and his role in inciting the Jan. 6 Capitol attack.

Cheney was defiant and made clear inside the meeting, and afterward, that she would continue trying to steer the party away from the former president.

Psaki said President Joe Biden believes the American public will need to decide about whether their elected officials “embracing and elevating conspiracies and attacks our democracy.”

A combative Cheney lashed out at leaders of her own Republican Party late Tuesday, taking to the House floor on the eve of her near-certain ouster from a leadership post to warn that former President Donald Trump and his GOP supporters are threatening to “undermine our democracy.”

Asked about working with House GOP leader Rep. Kevin McCarthy on an infrastructure deal, Psaki said the president was used to “working with people he disagrees with.”

WATCH: Biden meets with state governors to discuss vaccination programs

Meanwhile, Psaki said the White House has had “a lot of engagements,” over violence in the Middle East, despite not having a current U.S. Ambassador to Israel.

Since the weekend she said there had been 25 high level calls by senior White House officials to their counterparts in Israel, Palestine and regional leaders.

A lot of U.S. engagement “is happening privately through diplomatic channels,” Psaki said with an objective toward de-escalation.

Israel killed a string of senior Hamas military figures Wednesday and pounded three multistory towers as it hammered the Gaza Strip with airstrikes and militants in the territory fired rocket barrages. Dozens have died in the worst violence since a 2014 war, with no resolution in sight.

The fighting has taken on many hallmarks of that devastating 50-day conflict between Israel and Hamas, but with a startling new factor: a burst of fury from Israel’s Palestinian citizens in support of those living in the territories as well as counterviolence by Jewish Israelis.

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