WATCH: Biden announces boost to local firms in 3D printing

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden is set to announce on Friday that five major U.S. manufacturers have made commitments to boost their reliance on small and medium American firms for 3D printing.

Watch Biden’s remarks in the player above.

Biden touted a strong U.S. jobs report Friday, saying it shows the administration’s “plans and priorities have produced the strongest job creation” in modern times.

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The jobs report revealed that America’s employers added 428,000 jobs in April, extending a streak of solid hiring that has defied punishing inflation, chronic supply shortages, the Russian war against Ukraine and much higher borrowing costs.

Hiring last month kept the unemployment rate at 3.6%, just above the lowest level in a half-century.

Biden hailed the numbers during a visit to metal manufacturing plant in Ohio where he highlighted a 3D printing technology that he says will help return factory jobs to the U.S. and reduce inflationary pressures.

He toured United Performance Metals in Hamilton to spotlight commitments by five leading U.S. manufacturers to boost their reliance on small and medium American firms for 3D printing.

GE Aviation, Honeywell, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon and Siemens Energy have agreed to take part in the program. The president toured the factory with executives.

The promise of 3D printing is that it could reverse the outsourcing of factory jobs and industrial production, allowing for more components to be manufactured in the U.S.

The president also pressed Congress to approve a stalled competition and innovation bill that the Democratic president says is critical to bolstering domestic manufacturing and helping solve a semiconductor shortage that has delayed production of life-saving medical devices, smartphones, video game consoles, laptops and other modern conveniences.

“Pass the damn bill and send it to me,” Biden said Friday in his remarks.