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WATCH: Senate Commerce Committee holds hearing on protecting consumers from data breaches

The Senate Commerce Committee is holding a hearing Wednesday about ways to protect consumers from major data breaches, with testimony from officials who worked on data breaches at Yahoo and Equifax.

The hearing is scheduled to start around 10 a.m. ET. You can watch live in the player above.

A massive Equifax data breach this year affected more than 145 million people. Equifax said it discovered a hacking in July and alerted the public in September.

The company “failed to prevent sensitive information from falling into the hands of wrongdoers,” former Equifax CEO Richard Smith said in prepared testimony before appearing in front of the House Energy and Commerce Committee in October.

Last December, Yahoo confirmed that a data breach had affected more than one billion accounts after hacking from an “unauthorized third party” in 2013. This followed another hack the company announced in September 2016, which it said affected 500 milion accounts in late 2014.

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