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WATCH: Trump gives speech on Afghanistan strategy

President Donald Trump will delivered a televised address Monday on how the U.S. will proceed in the nation’s 16-year war in Afghanistan.

Trump refused during his prime-time speech on Afghanistan to discuss the size of the American force that his new strategy requires.

White House talking points sent to congressional Republicans after Trump’s speech say, “Troops levels are a determination for the Secretary of Defense to make, based on his judgment, and the advice of the field commanders, on the needs of the mission.”

The Pentagon has recommended sending nearly 4,000 new troops, supplementing the total of 8,400 in Afghanistan now.

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Trump met with his national security team, including Defense Secretary James Mattis, on Friday at Camp David, Maryland, to discuss military strategy in Afghanistan. The president took to Twitter on Saturday to say that the talks with military leaders led to “many decisions made, including on Afghanistan.” The president did not offer any clues into the agreed-upon strategy, but several media outlets have indicated that Trump may announce continued U.S. presence in the country.

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