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WATCH: Trump’s full speech to the United Nations General Assembly

President Donald Trump is expected to reiterate his “America First” approach to foriegn policy Tuesday in his second major speech before the United Nations General Assembly.

President Donald Trump is expected to speak at 10:15 a.m. ET Tuesday. Watch live in the player above.

The speech will focus on “American sovereignty” and “how that fits into America’s place in the world as a whole,” National Security Adviser John Bolton told Fox News over the weekend.

Watch the full first day of the United Nations General Assembly live here:

Trump is at the United Nations for his second general assembly meeting with world leaders since taking office. On Monday, he participated in a counter-narcotics event calling for global action to address the illegal movement and abuse of drugs.

The U.S. in sponsoring the U.N. Global Call to Action on the World Drug Problem, which includes signatures from 130 U.N. member states pledging to do more to combat the global drug trade.

Trump said Monday that “the scourge of drug addiction continues to claim too many lives in the United States and nations around the world.”

He added: “Today we commit to fighting the drug epidemic together.”

Trump also raised hopes at the United Nations on Monday that a second meeting with North Korea’s Kim Jong Un could occur “quite soon,” striking a conciliatory tone one year after he used his debut at the U.N. to deride the autocrat as “Little Rocket Man” and threaten to “totally destroy North Korea” if the U.S. were forced to defend itself or allies.

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