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WATCH: Trump says bomb suspect to be prosecuted fully

President Donald Trump confirmed that a suspect in the mail bomb scare is in custody and said he will be prosecuted “to the fullest extent of the law.”

The president made the comments at the Young Black Leadership Summit at the White House on Friday afternoon.

Trump, in his first remarks since Cesar Sayoc, 56, was apprehended in Florida, declared that “we must never allow political violence to take root in America.”

More than 10 mail bombs have been sent in recent days to political opponents of the president.

Trump declared that “these terrorizing acts are despicable” and said Americans “must unify.”

But his remarks came just hours after Trump tweeted a complaint that the media’s focus on bombs was distracting from Republican efforts in the upcoming midterm elections.

He also put the word “bomb” in quotes, a seeming nod to those who believed the scare was a hoax.

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