WATCH: Vice President Pence says Congress needs to ‘step up’ on health care

Vice President Mike Pence addressed the latest blows to the GOP health care bill during his speech today at the Retail Advocates Summit in Washington, D.C. Watch the vice president’s remarks above.

WASHINGTON — Vice President Mike Pence says Congress needs to “step up” and “do their job” in the aftermath of the Republican health care plan’s failure to win consensus in the Senate.

Pence said in a speech to the National Retail Federation on Tuesday that the Senate should vote to repeal the so-called Obamacare law and replace it with a new plan. Or he says it should return to the “carefully crafted” legislation in the House and the Senate.

But Pence says “inaction is not an option” and Congress needs to act to address health care.

Pence spoke shortly after President Donald Trump tweeted late Monday that Republicans should repeal the law and work on a new health care plan “that will start from a clean slate.”

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