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WATCH: White House addresses tax reform and Trump-Corker feud

The White House fielded questions in the Republicans’ ongoing quest to push their tax overhaul, a goal that was complicated by an argument on Twitter that erupted between President Donald Trump and Sen. Bob Corker.

Corker, a Tennessee Republican, told NBC’s “Today” earlier this morning that the White House ought to “step aside” and let Congress’ tax-writing committees figure out how to pay for the $1 trillion tax cut the president wants to sign by the end of the year.

On Monday, Trump cut out changes to 401(k) retirement plans to help pay for the tax cut. Corker appeared to suggest that this kind of decision coming from the White House made it more difficult figure out the “spinach part” of the process.

The president, later that morning, struck back on Twitter, igniting a heated exchange with Corker on Twitter. The dust-up occurred hours before the president was scheduled to join Senate Republican lawmakers at their weekly luncheon.

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