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WATCH: Officer says Trump ‘helped create this monstrosity’

In dramatic testimony before the House committee investigating the January 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol, Sgt. Aquilino Gonell of the U.S. Capitol Police blasted former President Donald Trump’s recent description of the scene at the Capitol as “a loving crowd”.

Watch the moment in the player above.

“It’s upsetting. It’s a pathetic excuse for his behavior for something that he himself helped to create, this monstrosity,” Gonell said.

Later, a second officer described being separated from his fellow officers and attacked relentlessly by the crowd.

“I was trying to push guys off of me, create some space, all the while I recognized the fact that there were individuals that were trying to grab a hold of my gun,” said Officer Michael Fanone of the Washington, D.C. Metropolitan Police Department.

“I heard people in the crowd yelling, ‘get his gun, kill him with his own gun,’ and words to that effect,” he said.