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Watch Our Reports on the Arkansas and Pennsylvania Primaries

Tuesday, May 18, marks the first big voting day in the 2010 Congressional midterm primary season, with primaries being held for Senate seats in Arkansas, Pennsylvania, and Kentucky. Those contests could show establishment politicians losing to challengers in a political season defined by anger against incumbents.

As you prepare to watch the results tomorrow, take a look at our reporting on the Senate Democratic primaries in Arkansas and Pennsylvania.

Last week, the NewsHour aired Judy Woodruff’s report from Pennsylvania, where she talked with incumbent Sen. Arlen Specter and his primary challenger, former Congressman Joe Sestak. Both candidates accused each other of lying, an indication of how rough that primary has become as Sestak has erased Specter’s lead in the polls. On election eve, the race remains a toss-up.

On April 30, the NewsHour aired this Spencer Michels report from Arkansas, where incumbent Sen. Blanche Lincoln also faces a serious primary challenge from State Attorney General Bill Halter. Despite her powerful position as chair of the Senate Agriculture committee, Lincoln is taking fire from Halter on her left while preparing for a general election in a more conservative state.

You can find a preview of the big races on the Rundown tomorrow, as well as updated elections results in the evening.

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