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WATCH: William Barr says U.S. needs ‘a barrier system on the border’

Attorney General nominee William Barr says immigration reform is “long overdue” and expressed support for President Donald Trump’s hardline policies, including funding a border wall.

He testified Tuesday at his confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

Asked about the partial government shutdown, in its fourth week due to an impasse over funding for a border wall, Barr says he would like to see a deal reached where Congress recognized that it was “imperative to have border security.”

Barr also said he believed so-called sanctuary cities were hurting law enforcement’s ability to safeguard the public. His predecessor, Jeff Sessions, sued California over the policies.

In a 1992 interview with Jim Lehrer, Barr called a proposal to build a barrier across the southern U.S. border “overkill.” At the time, Barr was serving as attorney general under President George H.W.Bush, and was responding to a proposal put forth by then-presidential candidate Pat Buchanan.

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