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Bob Woodward Calls Romney’s Comments Unpresidential

Journalist Bob Woodward had harsh words for former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney Tuesday, suggesting Romney went out of bounds with his comments made at a private fundraiser.

Woodward — of Watergate Pulitzer Prize fame, a 41-year tenure at the Washington Post and 16 national bestsellers — responded to the Republican presidential nominee’s comments captured on video that nearly half the country feels entitled to government handouts, and that as a candidate he shouldn’t worry about them.

“A lot of those people are Republicans,” Woodward told the NewsHour in an interview. “And he kind of swept, with his mouth and his hand, them away. And that’s outside the boundaries of the tradition of what we expect of a president.”

Romney could learn a lesson from the incident and should apologize to the people he stereotyped, Woodward added.

NewsHour senior correspondent Judy Woodruff had asked the journalist to weigh in, considering his experience covering presidential administrations and Washington leaders back as far as former President Richard Nixon.

Woodward’s full NewsHour interview will air later this week. In it, he and Woodruff discuss his newest book, “The Price of Politics,” which details President Obama’s and Congressional leaders’ inability to reach a conclusion last year on the national debt.

Columnist Jennifer Rubin, among others, wrote that Woodward’s book may aid conservatives in criticizing the president’s ability to lead and work with Congress before the November election.

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