PBS NewsHour Named Peabody Award Recipient for Desperate Journey Series

Washington, DC (April 19, 2016) — The PBS NewsHour today was named a 2015 Peabody Award recipient for its Desperate Journey series on the refugee and migrant crisis facing Europe. Since June 2015, the NewsHour has extensively covered the migrant flow into Europe from Turkey and points beyond, putting a human face on one of the year’s most-important ongoing international stories. By combining the struggles of the refugees and migrants, providing a voice for those not often heard, and shining a light on the growing divisions within Europe, PBS NewsHour offered a depth of coverage and context for a generational challenge seen nowhere else on American television.

“The NewsHour is committed to telling these important and challenging stories and, with this series in particular, shining a light on the bravery and the suffering being endured by so many people seeking a safe, new place to call home, as well as the complex struggles of the communities receiving them,” said PBS NewsHour executive producer and WETA SVP Sara Just.

Primary contributor to the series’ coverage is PBS NewsHour special correspondent Malcolm Brabant, a Copenhagen-based one-man band who has reported for PBS NewsHour on the crisis from Turkey, Hungary, France, Sweden, Denmark, and, primarily, Greece. It was there, on the island of Lesbos in October 2015, that a boat carrying an estimated 300 people capsized. Many of its passengers died. Brabant brought us the harrowing scene, amid the darkness of night, as rescuers sought to assist the many in need and comfort those who lost everything.

The series also featured reporting by PBS NewsHour correspondent William Brangham, PBS NewsHour special correspondent Jane Arraf, PBS NewsHour producer Jon Gerberg, and PBS NewsHour Weekend producer Saskia de Melker. Arraf reported from Jordan in October 2015 with cameraman Basel Quol on why more Syrian refugees are leaving than arriving and in December 2015 with cameraman Sebastian Meyer on the dangerous path to Europe from Iraq for Yazidis. Brangham, Gerberg, and de Melker traveled to Hungary, Austria and Germany in September 2015 to report on the crisis, following two families as they made their way through Europe. Former senior foreign affairs producer Justin Kenny and current senior foreign affairs producer Morgan Till managed and contributed to the series.

PBS NewsHour was last named a Peabody Award recipient for 2003’s Jobless Recovery: Non-Working Numbers.