PBS NewsHour’s Primetime Doc “Raising the Future: The Child Care Crisis” Examines Lack of Affordable, Quality Child Care in America

Monday, September 13 (Arlington, VA) — PBS NewsHour’s primetime documentary “Raising the Future: The Child Care Crisis” will air Tuesday, October 12th 10:00-11:00 p.m. ET on PBS (check local listings). The special will be hosted by PBS NewsHour’s chief correspondent, Amna Nawaz, and examines how the lack of affordable, quality child care is affecting American families. In 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic transformed daily life for millions of working parents and pushed the nation’s child care system to the brink of collapse. Out of that turmoil, a heated debate has emerged over what, if anything, can be done to better meet the needs of parents and young children.

In this hour-long special, the PBS NewsHour reveals how shifting societal values, as well as decades of federal policy, have shaped the U.S. child care system into what it is today. It explores the burden costly child care places on low-and middle-income families, takes viewers to cities and states experimenting with new ways of providing childcare for working parents, and delves into the political battle brewing over the idea of federally funded, universal childcare.

“Raising the Future: The Child Care Crisis” is an update to PBS NewsHour’s five-part series in July 2021, “Raising the Future: America’s Child Care Dilemma,” which provided an extensive look at the issues plaguing the country’s child care system. From the series and featured in the documentary, special correspondent, Cat Wise, explores a small community’s child care program in Nebraska and one Mississippi program’s solution to a lack of access to affordable child care in the state. The October special will also feature new reports looking at the French child care system as a comparative model and the history of government involvement in providing child care assistance in the U.S.

“Raising the Future: The Child Care Crisis” funding is provided by PBS stations and viewers like you. Original production funding for content featured in this special was provided by the Pritzker Children’s Initiative and the Stein Early Childhood Development Fund At The California Community Foundation. Corporate funding was provided by BNSF, Consumer Cellular, Fidelity, Johnson & Johnson, and Raymond James. Additional support was provided by the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, the Carnegie Corporation Of New York, the Ford Foundation, The John D. And Catherine T. Macarthur Foundation, The William And Flora Hewlett Foundation, the David & Lucile Packard Foundation, The Park Foundation, Friends of the Newshour, and others.

Credits for “Raising the Future: The Child Care Crisis”: Correspondent Amna Nawaz; special correspondent Cat Wise; senior producers Emily Carpeaux and Talesha Reynolds; producers Gretchen Frazee, Rachel Wellford and Kate McMahon; editor Malcolm Brown; and executive producer Sara Just.

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