10 stellar tweets to mark Scott Kelly’s record-breaking year in space

Astronaut Scott Kelly is set to return to Earth on Tuesday after spending a record-breaking year in space.

His 340-day enterprise marks NASA’s longest spaceflight and has served as critical prep-work and research for future Mars exploration. NASA hopes to learn more about the toll of long-term spaceflight by comparing Kelly’s physical status to his identical twin brother, former NASA astronaut Mark Kelly.

“I think we’ll learn a lot about longer-duration spaceflight and how that will take us to Mars someday,” Kelly said during his 335th day and final news conference from space on Thursday. “So I’d like to think that this is another of many stepping stones to us landing on Mars sometime in our future.”

On Sunday, Kelly tweeted a photo of his last glimpse of the moon.

The spaceman says he could spend another year if needed but still looks forward to jumping in his pool and eating at a dining table.

His year in space has been well-documented on his Twitter feed. To mark his cosmic triumph, here are 10 breathtaking tweets from the homestretch of his stay.