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Researchers unveil new chemical combination to trap bedbugs

Researchers at Simon Fraser University have discovered a chemical combination, which can be used to lure and trap bedbugs for the killing, according to findings published in the chemistry journal, Angewandte Chemie, on Dec. 21.

The combination is made up of six components that work together to create a pheromone used to attract and immobilize the wingless bloodsucking bedbugs known for infesting beds in houses and hotels.

“This trap will help landlords, tenants, and pest-control professionals determine whether premises have a bedbug problem, so that they can treat it quickly,” Biology professor Gerhard Gries said in a statement.

Gries worked with his wife, biologist Regine Gries – who endured more than 180,000 bedbug bites on her arms during the study – chemist Robert Britton, and other researchers for five years as they searched for a way to eradicate the pesky and potentially costly bloodsuckers.

The team hopes, as they work with Canadian company Contech Enterprises Inc., to have an affordable bait and trap on the market sometime in 2015.

Although the parasites were nearly wiped out a century ago, there has been a global bedbug resurgence over the past 15 years. Between 2007 and 2010, the estimated number of emergency room visits for bedbug bite injuries in the United States went from 2,156 to 15,945, according to a study published by the National Institute of Health.

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