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China’s Internet ‘Hijacking’: Experts Take Your Questions

In April, Web traffic from tens of thousands of computer networks, including the U.S. Defense Department, the U.S. Senate and NASA, were diverted through China. A congressionally chartered panel concluded last week that China’s state-based telecommunications company, China Telecom, was behind the mass diversion, and characterized it as a hijacking “of massive volumes of Internet traffic.”

question.jpgTwo experts, Rodney Joffe and Larry Wortzel, will answer your questions on the security breach. Joffe is senior vice president and senior technologist at Neustar, Inc., a global technology and communications company. Wortzel is a commissioner on the U.S.-China commission that investigated the incident.

Please leave your questions in the comments; we’ll post the answers next week.

Updated Dec. 2 | Here are the responses to your questions.

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