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Wildfires Where You Live: Share Your Photos and Stories

The High Park fire west of Fort Collins, Colo. is being called one of the worst fires in Colorado history.

At over 296,000 acres, the wildfire still raging in New Mexico is the worst in the state’s history. As of Monday, fires had also claimed 65,000 acres in Colorado. Scientists project that wildfires like these will spread geographically and their natural boundaries will shift as climate change continues.

These blazes leave affected communities reeling, even a year later. Last summer the most destructive wildfire in Texas history raged through Bastrop County Complex, destroying 1,691 homes and killing two people. Our Student Reporting Labs site in Austin has this report on how Texans are still trying to cope.

Video produced by Audrey Kuhl, Samantha Melomo, Olivia Mendez, Kendall Gilliland, Connor Johnstone and Madison Fare.

The PBS NewsHour wants to see your photos of wildfires you have experienced and hear how wildfire has affected you and your community.

How did the fire damage your community — homes, businesses, trees, plants, wildlife lost? How were you affected personally? Have you or friends and neighbors permanently relocated as a result? How has your community recovered and rebuilt afterwards?

We’ll put these photos and stories together in an online presentation.

You can direct any questions about this form to Rebecca Jacobson at rjacobson@newshour.org.

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