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This rockstar scientist wrote a song about her friends who died from Ebola

In the world of science, Harvard geneticist Pardis Sabeti is a rock star. She also fronts a guitar-heavy alternative rock band from Boston.


Dr. Sabeti uses computer science to crack the genome of deadly viruses like Ebola. Her team produced important research that included genetic proof that the Ebola virus had spread from a single patient. But the work took a personal toll, claiming the lives of colleagues and close friends in Sierra Leone. Several of the authors on that very paper have since died of Ebola Virus Disease.

So she wrote a song about her experience. Watch that song in the video above.

Miles O’Brien talked to Sabeti as part of his four-part series, Cracking Ebola’s Code, on the science and medicine behind the fight against the Ebola virus. The series tackles various aspects of that science: the search for an animal host, efforts to develop a better detection test, model the disease and test for an Ebola vaccine. Watch the series here below: