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Tracking the Egypt Crisis via Google, News Curation Tools

After a widespread shutdown of Internet and mobile phone service in Egypt as street protests intensified last week, there were reports Wednesday that Web access was restored in the country.

Google’s Transparency Index has been tracking web traffic to its services in Egypt. Note the drop on Jan. 27 and the uptick on Feb. 1 — although Google cautions that these data are still being interpreted.

Google has also compiled a crisis response page with resources for people trying to get out of Egypt — or at least get their messages out via voice messages posted to Twitter or raw footage on CitizenTube. (Update 6:20 p.m.: Alive in Egypt is a site that is translating some of those voice messages.)

The crisis page has a map, compiling geographic reports of clashes, protests and other noteworthy places:

[Full disclosure: the NewsHour has previously partnered with [Google](http://blog.google.org/2010/06/bob-dudley-chief-executive-for-bp.html), YouTube and [CitizenTube](http://www.youtube.com/user/videoyourvote) on a variety of news projects.]

Meanwhile, Storyful, a social media news curation tool created by journalists, has been tracking minute-by-minute developments, including reports of gunfire and Molotov cocktails being thrown in and around Tahrir Square.

As the Egypt story continues to unfold, the NewsHour has been compiling other sources and new ways to track the developments. Have a good suggestion? Please leave it in the comments.

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