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Evan Williams Explains New Twitter Interface

For the 1 percent of users who woke up to a different Twitter experience Wednesday morning, it was probably the biggest change they have ever seen to the real time information service. Twitter has approximately 160 million users and there are nearly 90 million tweets sent every day.

Tech Crunch has a good walk-through of the new look. Mashable thinks it will put developers on the platform out of business.
We asked Evan Williams, the CEO and co-founder of Twitter about what motivated the changes. Take a look:

Our interview’s also on YouTube here.

Some housekeeping notes – I forgot to tell Williams to look straight into the camera, thus the quasi- Brady Bunch effect. Their media card ran out of space so a bit of our conversation went unrecorded. We did ask him about whether and how this redesign helped Twitter’s bottom line. Williams noted that their primary revenue source was their advertising platform and that this new, richer multimedia experience on Twitter.com, which will likely keep users engaged on the page longer — something advertisers will like.

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