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Expanded List of Science Rap Contest Finalists

This rap about the math concept known as the Fibonacci Sequence, is by Elissa Malcolm.

Last week, we announced the finalists for the PBS NewsHour’s Gza-inspired science rap contest. The entries were terrific and ranged from rocks and space and dinosaurs to cell division and cancer research. But it’s since been called to our attention that not every finalist chosen met all of the criteria in our contest guidelines.

These comments were valid, and many equally excellent entries met the caliber of science we were looking for while following the rules: metaphor, rhyme and 16 bars of verse, among them. So to give everyone a fair shake, we’ve opted to expand our list of finalists, including the one above about the Fibonacci Sequence.

We’re adding five entries to the adult category and five entries to the high school category. One video explains clouds. One uses emoticons and symbols on an iPhone text message screen to illustrate a rap about gravitational force. You can see the entire list of finalists here. Winners will be chosen by Columbia University Teachers College professor Christopher Emdin and his Teacher’s College team.

Christina Bellantoni and I chatted about the contest earlier this week:

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