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Introducing the PBS NewsHour’s Coping With Climate Change Page

Thumbnail image for climate-change.jpgAs global temperatures increase and weather patterns shift, the PBS NewsHour will explore how American communities are dealing with climate change. On our new Coping with Climate Change page, you’ll be able to find video reports, blog posts, slide shows and interactive features exploring many angles on the subject.

We start this week with a look at the tale of two drought-stricken Texas towns. Correspondent Hari Sreenivasan examines the struggle in many Texas communities that face record high temperatures, depleted groundwater, vanishing lakes and wildfires. And he also details how Texas residents are tapping into a wellspring of alternative approaches to adapt.

For this reporting, we collaborated with StateImpact Texas, a project of KUT Austin, KUHF Houston and NPR. The NewsHour is working closely with public media around the country to generate these stories and to stimulate a lively exchange about the issues. You can join the conversation by sharing your insights here.

Hari and Margaret Warner discussed the new series on Wednesday’s NewsHour broadcast:

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