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Miles vs. Watson: Watch the Full Man Against Machine Jeopardy! Showdown

During Monday prime-time, “Jeopardy!” champions will face off against IBM’s new computer, Watson, developed to dominate human brain-game champs.

To better understand Watson, science correspondent Miles O’Brien forged bravely into the firestorm, challenging the machine to a “Jeopardy!” duel last week. Watch Miles, Watson and David Gondek, one of Watson’s many creators, battle over unusual animal phobias, presidential tongue twisters and even laundry detergent brand names.

Last week, Miles spoke with Hari Sreenivasan about his John Henry-like showdown against Watson.

Miles’ full report on the scrappy computer airs Monday night on the NewsHour. You can also watch the NOVA report on “The Smartest Machine on Earth.”

Video editing by Cameron Hickey

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