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New York City’s Maker Faire Delivers Dazzling Colors, Wacky Inventions

A multi-functional unicorn shoots fire from its horn while sneezing glitter. A six-person ensemble plays instruments made of saw blades, propane tanks, automotive parts, and simple household objects. Cars shaped like cupcakes made of reused electric-car parts and encased in hand-bent aluminum tins circle festival goers.

Scientists, artists, engineers and builders converged at New York City’s 2012 Maker Faire last week to celebrate a playful love of science, invention and building things. You can view photos from the event in the slide show above.

The Maker Faire, a family-focused event, is rooted deeply in science, and holds as its philosophy a desire to inspire kids to create things.

In 2011, Miles O’Brien reported on the movement that’s grown around the Maker Faire and the Bay Area-based Make Magazine. You can watch his NewsHour report here:

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