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NPR’s Andy Carvin on Tracking and Tweeting Revolutions

We caught up with NPR’s Senior Strategist Andy Carvin between his 400+ tweets a day for a chat about his Twitter stream. It has become a must-follow wire service of sorts for people interested in the latest developments in Tunisia, Egypt and a growing number of countries across the Middle East, Persian Gulf and North Africa.

We discussed how he began mapping out whom to trust in the “Twittersphere,” and how he works to verify and share facts with NPR as the stories develop. His tweets are populated with the words “source” and “verified?” More often than not, as he re-tweets trends and waves of information across the streams he tracks as his sources verify or discount facts on the ground.

Carvin uses a combination of old media (wire services, broadcast networks) and follows a series of bloggers and Twitter accounts. He verifies with sources he trusts before saying a piece of information is “confirmed.”

Andy has spoken about his open news-gathering processes during a live-chat with Poynter, a Q&A with the Atlantic, the Knight Digital Media Center and it has been blogged about at the New York Times.

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