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Tell Us Your Climate Change Stories

A lone daffodil flower stood out amid the other withered daffodils in London’s St James’s Park in April 2011. Daffodils bloomed unusually early in London last year due to the coldest December in 100 years followed by a warm and wet February. Photo by Getty Images.

Have you noticed any changes to the climate in your backyard or neighborhood? Have you seen shifts in the environment around you over time?

Whether it’s changes in plants, wildlife, garden insects, weather patterns, or something else entirely, we want to know what you’ve observed and how these changes have affected your life, regardless of what might be causing them.

We’ll look to your submissions for help with our environmental coverage, including upcoming reports and data projects. We’re particularly interested in changes that you’ve seen in your area over an extended period of time. If you have an original photo to illustrate your insights, please share that with us as well.

We’ve already received some interesting comments. A resident from Pittsboro, North Carolina resident wrote that the heat has been too intense to grow lettuce and arugula without introducing artificial shade. A Montreal resident says the harsh winters have made dog-walking more difficult. “Instead of plenty of fluffy snow in which to play, our dogs must walk on ice-covered parks due to constant warm-freeze cycles not normal to the area,” wrote John Moore of Montreal. “The result: dogs without exercise, bleeding paws and sad faces.”

To share your story, simply fill out this form via the Public Insight Network, which has partnered with the NewsHour for this project.

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