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Share Your iPhone, iPad Location Maps

iPhone Tracker in Seattle

The smart-phone world is buzzing over the fact that some iPhones store location data in your phones and keep a copy on the computers that sync with your devices.

Two software developers have come up with a way to let you see exactly what Apple knows of your whereabouts with their iPhoneTracker app. There are various theories on why Apple has been collecting the data, and what they plan to do with it, and the privacy issues it presents, but while we wait for those details to emerge, we wanted to have a bit of fun with it.

If you’ve used the app, and see your location information on a map, and are proud of being a frequent flyer, a global man/woman of mystery, share a screenshot with us.

We’ll come up with a prize for the person that has the busiest map. Feel free to include a brief description so we know what’s going on.

Is there a spot that surprised you? A place you didn’t remember going but the iPhone did? Grab a screenshot of that and tell us your spooky story.

Are you excited about the mapping feature? Is it teaching you something about your commute or travels that will have a profoundly positive effect on you? Share that as well.

Email your image directly to this tumblr address – 654boscios@tumblr.com, with the explanation in the subject line of your email, or submit it here.

Here are some quick instructions on how to take a screen-shot just in case.

On a Mac- Command-Shift-4, then drag and drop mouse over selected area: Screenshot of selected area as file on desktop.

On a PC- Alt key down while pressing Print Screen to capture only the active window

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