Solar eclipse fans share stunning views on social media

Curious stargazers in parts of Europe, Asia and Africa watched as the moon crept into position today, creating a rare total solar eclipse.

Although, the Islands of Faroe and Svalbard were the only places to view the eclipse’s totality, a partial eclipse could be seen in other countries such as Italy and Poland.

Transavia Airlines provided their passengers with a birds-eyes view.

However, other viewers seemed out of luck.

After watching the celestial event, eager umbraphiles –- those who love eclipses — around the world took to Twitter, Instagram, Flickr and Vine.

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Solar Eclipse, Bodø March 2015 (67°N)

Most people were awed by the rare spectacle and created their own artistic renderings.

However, some gazers were less than amazed with their view of the rare solar sighting they voiced their disappointment through sarcasm and some through brutal honesty.

But most importantly, every one watched safely.