SpaceX releases video of rocket’s spectacular crash landing

On Monday, we told you about SpaceX’s failed attempted to recover and reuse Falcon 9, the 14-story rocket that launches supply capsules into space. This was the rocket that helped deliver the company’s fifth resupply mission to the International Space Station.

Today, the company released video of the crash landing on Vine — and it’s quite the close-up.

To review, here’s what happened in the crash, which happened Saturday:

After the Dragon spacecraft detached, the rocket plummeted to Earth at a speed of 2,900 miles per hour. Falcon 9 opened its deceleration fins, and second set of retropropulsion engines burned to slow its fall onto a 300 foot-long, 170 foot-wide drone barge in the Atlantic Ocean.

SpaceX founder and CEO was not discouraged by this setback. He tweeted this morning: