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Surveying the Changing Landscape of ‘Homegrown Energy’

Weighing Benefits and Pitfalls of Increased Oil and Gas Production in U.S.

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Two years ago, the U.S imported two-thirds of its oil. Now, imports make up less than half of U.S. oil demand. Jeffrey Brown talks to National Resources Defense Council’s Kate Sinding and the Manhattan Institute’s Robert Bryce about increasing domestic energy production and whether the economic benefits outweigh environmental concerns.

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VIDEO: Boomtown Is An Instant Town: Just Add Oil and Stir

As domestic oil production increases, towns like Williston, N.D., struggle to meet demand for workers, housing and improved infrastructure. For some communities, the benefits of an energy boom are offset by serious trade-offs.

VIDEO: Coal-Powered Colorado Undergoing a Gas ‘Revolution’

In Colorado, coal and natural gas producers are fighting for energy dominance. Ray Suarez reports on the battle in a state that’s also weighing what will be the most sustainable energy solution for the future.

EXTENDED INTERVIEW: More From Bill Ritter and Dan Arvizu

Ray Suarez interviewed former Colorado Gov. Bill Ritter and Dan Arvizu, director of the National Renewable Energy Laboratory in Golden, Colo. We’ve provided extended excerpts from both those interviews.

VIDEO: Utah Makes Deal For Private Gas Drilling on Pristine Public Land

Environmentalists and local tribes worry that proposals to drill for natural gas near White River, Utah, will destroy the area’s gorgeous vistas. Energy companies try to strike a deal to drill and protect the environment.

BLOG: Fracking: What Is it, and Is it Safe?

Modern drilling technology involves a process called hydraulic fracturing, also known as “fracking.” Learn more about the process of fracking with NewsHour’s compilation of investigative pieces, videos, tweets, documents and interactive graphics.

BLOG: Building a Natural Gas Fleet? Infrastructure Not Included

By 2008, pressure to switch from diesel to natural gas prompted the United Parcel Service shipping facility in Denver to replace 44 of its diesel delivery trucks with compressed natural gas vehicles. But major hurdles remain.

BLOG: Energy Boom in West is Creating New Frontier

Read an interview with Stanford University’s John McChesney who has chronicled the ongoing developments of the energy boom in a documentary called, “An Unquiet Landscape: The American West’s New Energy Frontier.”

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