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Ultra-Light Cars Reap Rewards of X Prize

Edison2’s Very Light Car won the $5 million top prize of the X Prize competition to build an uber-efficient car. The car is engineered to be ultra-light, all the way down to the lug nuts. The Virginia-based company was one of three who were awarded prizes Thursday morning at a ceremony in Washington, D.C.

Others sharing the $10 million reward: Motors Corp.’s Wave2 and X-Tracer Team’s E-Tracer 7009.

While the Edison2 is not expected to be sold to the public in its current form, the other companies are taking orders for their vehciles.

Judy Woodruff recently traveled to Lynchburg, Va., to get a closer look at the Edison2 automobile, an ultra-light car that can get more than 100 mpg:

The X Prize foundation is live streaming the awards ceremony at 10:30a.m. ET. You can watch it here.

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