WATCH: Tipping Point – The Colorado River Basin

The Colorado River runs nearly fifteen hundred miles, winding through seven states and Mexico. It supplies drinking water to nearly 40 million people, irrigates nearly 4 million acres of farmland and attracts millions of nature lovers to scenic Grand Canyon vistas.

And it is on the brink.

A 20 year mega-drought — exacerbated by climate change — is squeezing the Colorado dry. It’s a crisis for the people of the Southwest and a “canary in the coal mine” for us all.

Join PBS NewsHour’s Miles O’Brien for a special hour-long live event exploring the relationship between climate change and the fate of the Colorado River Basin.

Hosted live from Phoenix, the program fosters a solutions-based dialog with leaders in areas of science, agriculture, municipal water, Native American communities and conservation.

During this live special we’ll be answering your questions about climate change and the Colorado River Basin. Send us your questions here.

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