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You Talk To Endeavour: Ask NASA Crew Questions for a LIVE Interview


*Update, May 17 | * – The live interview has been moved up to occur between 6 and 6:30 a.m. ET on Thursday, May 19.

Updated May 9 | NASA has delayed the launch of space shuttle Endeavour until at least May 16 — so we’re still taking your questions for our LIVE interview with the crew as they cruise through space. Click here to find a new update on our interview from Miles O’Brien.

Posted April 27 | After 30 years of triumph and tragedy, NASA’s space shuttle era is drawing to a close — and you have a once-in-a-lifetime chance to be a part of this special moment.

Google, YouTube and the PBS NewsHour are teaming up to take you aboard space shuttle Endeavour on its final mission to ask the crew questions.

Shuttle and International Space Station astronauts — led by Endeavour commander Mark Kelly — will answer some of your questions in a LIVE interview — three days after launch and hosted by NewsHour correspondent Miles O’Brien — as the crew orbits the earth at 17,500 mph.

But you don’t have to wait. Starting now, you can submit your questions for the astronauts and vote on the best ones. And you will be able to watch the interview LIVE on NewsHour.PBS.org and on the NewsHour’s YouTube channel.

Just click the “What is your question box” on the NewsHour YouTube channel to get started. You can submit text or YouTube video questions using Google’s Moderator service.

You can also submit a question via Twitter by including the hashtag #utalk2nasa. A retweet of a tweeted question counts as a vote. The questions posed to the astronauts will be selected from the top vote-getters.

Leave a text or video question for the crew. Videos must be shorter than 60 seconds. Don’t forget to tell us your name and where you live. Some of the best questions could be used in the live interview and later on the NewsHour broadcast and website.

Of course, weather and technical problems could further delay the shuttle launch or the interview.

Check back with the NewsHour website for more details and live coverage of Endeavour’s final launch, including coverage from Miles O’Brien and streaming video of the launch. You can watch more coverage from O’Brien on spaceflightnow.com.

And you can find more coverage on space and more on our science page.

Also see the NewsHour’s news release, Google’s blog post and YouTube’s blog post.

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