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11 British Terror Plot Suspects Charged

Eleven people were charged in Britain for allegedly plotting to blow up airliners going from Britain to the United States.

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    Simon Israel, welcome. Eight people were charged today with direct involvement in the plot. Tell us about the charges.

  • SIMON ISRAEL, ITV News Correspondent:

    Well, the charges relate to a period between the 1st of January this year and the 10th of August when the raids took place.

    And essentially there are two charges each for each of these eight men. The first is, in effect, to smuggling on board explosive devices and components and then putting them together and detonating them on a flight. And the second charge is conspiracy to murder.


    And three others were charged with some sort of indirect involvement; what does that mean?


    Yes. Three others are charged with other terrorist offenses, if you like. One is a mother with an 8-month-old baby and another is a 17-year-old who legally I can't name. But he's being charged with possessing material likely to be of use for terrorist purposes. And they include suicide notes and wills of others, a map of Afghanistan, and a book on improvised explosives.

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