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Viewers sound off on NewsHour Weekend stories

On a new segment called "Viewers like You," NewsHour Weekend fans have the opportunity to sound off on stories and share their opinions with anchor Hari Sreenivasan.

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    And now to a new occasional segment featuring your thoughts about our program. What we're hearing from "viewers like you."

    A few of you who visited the NewsHour website last night complained about a graphic we created for yesterday's show. It accompanied an interview we did and was meant to explain the relationship between stagnating wages and inflation, but you said we got it wrong.

    Bernie Rose wrote us…

    "Hold on folks. If you correct wages for inflation, then you cannot compare that to inflation. You need nominal wages…current dollars…versus inflation."

    Candid one replied to Bernie, saying:

    "For those of us who've been along for the ride for the past century…chuckle…we didn't need the graph to know the story."

    (The two lines should not have been included on the same graph.)

    That graphic, since corrected above, followed our signature piece about Leigh Scozzari, a single mom on Long Island struggling to make ends meet despite having a full time job.

    The piece prompted a vigorous conversation on the NewsHour website about poverty in America. These are some of the comments judged "best" by those visiting the site.

  • She-shell 59 commented:

    "In today's world, one can work their fingers to the bone and not be able to cover the basic cost of living on their wages."

    Purple bouquet said: "What we need to do differently going forward is stressing the link between economic hardship and single parenthood…we need to be more honest about this connection even if it might not be politically correct."

    On Facebook, we heard from Marcie Rosenzweig who wrote us: "Poverty didn't win the war. We just stopped fighting it."

    Our correspondent on the story, Megan Thompson, has been answering questions on Facebook from viewers sinceThursday when we posted a clip of her poverty piece.

  • Just a reminder:

    there is an active conversation happening online right now about several NewsHour pieces.

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