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Advocates Push to Extend Children’s Health Insurance Program

Congress is expected in the coming months to debate renewing a children's health insurance program for low-income children. The NewsHour looks at the fight to preserve the program.

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    And now, the fight over extending a government health insurance program for children. Susan Dentzer of our Health Unit has the story. The unit is a partnership with the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.

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    Red, yellow, black and white…

  • SUSAN DENTZER, NewsHour Health Correspondent:

    At this recent gathering at a Kansas City Church, the focus was on kids.

  • REV. RAYFIELD BURNS, Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church:

    It is our shared vision that all children will have the access to quality, affordable health care.


    Baptist Minister Rayfield Burns gave the opening meditation before an audience of concerned citizens and advocates for children's health.


    How can we refuse not to put our arms around them and be a blessing for them?


    Similar events are taking place across the country under the auspices of groups like the PICO National Network, a faith-based organization.

  • REV. KIM ROSS, One Spirit Methodist Church:

    Cover all children. Bless all children.


    This one at the city's Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church was part of an interfaith move to press for health insurance for all of America's kids. Methodist Minister Kim Ross gave the political call to action, urging steps at the federal level on the State Children's Health Insurance Program, or SCHIP.


    Congress still needs to quickly reauthorize SCHIP. And here in Missouri, our elected officials need to put our state back on track, back on track to covering all children.