After Gadhafi’s Death, World Leaders Focus on Libya’s Road Ahead

Moammar Gadhafi's body was paraded through the streets of Misrata late Thursday, as world leaders reacted to the longtime ruler's death. Margret Warner reports.

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    Late today, Gadhafi's body was paraded through the streets of Misrata, a city between Sirte and Tripoli. There were reports he would be buried in a secret location.

    Reaction to Gadhafi's demise came from leaders around the world.

    Libya's ambassador to the United States, Ali Aujali, rejoiced at today's news.

    ALI SULEIMAN AUJALI, Libyan ambassador to the United States: The era of terror, the era of frustration, the era of abuse, the era of dictatorship is over. The Libyan people, they celebrate in every city of Libya.


    In New York, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon said now is the time for all Libyans to come together.

    BAN KI-MOON, United Nations secretary-general: In the coming days, we will witness scenes of celebration, as well as grief for those who lost so much. Yet, let us recognize immediately that this is only the end of the beginning. The road ahead for Libya and its people will be difficult and full of challenges.


    In London, Prime Minister David Cameron of Britain, which played a leading role in the NATO bombing campaign, also focused on the road ahead.

    DAVID CAMERON, British prime minister: People in Libya today have an even greater chance, after this news, of building themselves a strong and democratic future. I'm proud of the role that Britain has played in helping them to bring that about.

    And I pay tribute to the bravery of the Libyans who've helped to liberate their country.


    And, in Moscow, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said he was confident the new Libyan government would succeed.

    DMITRY MEDVEDEV, Russian president (through translator): We expect that peace will come to Libya. All those who govern the country today, representatives of various Libyan tribes, will be able to reach agreement on the configuration of the government, and Libya will become a modern and democratic state.