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Aid Groups in Haiti Launch Massive Vaccination Effort

With conditions on the ground ripe for a disease outbreak, aid groups in Haiti have launched a campaign to vaccinate more than 100,000 people against measles, diphtheria and tetanus. Emma Murphy of ITN reports.

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    Emma Murphy of Independent Television News updates the story from Port-au-Prince.


    Risking their lives, they scavenge on rubble-filled trucks. Bit is the steel from destroyed buildings, now a treasure to be fought over.

    Watch these two men do battle, rock and knife in hand. They have lost so much, they can't bear to lose anymore. For those who survived, what a life is left to lead, two million displaced in makeshift camps. Already, some of the injured are back in their shacks, as everyone tries to adjust to their new existence.

    Aid is getting through, but it's slow. This woman shows us the bag of rice she has to feed three families. It's only just arrived. In the same camp, others have received nothing. They are hungry and desperate for help. This woman's grandchild is now anemic and very weak.

    There is food on the streets, but it's too expensive for most, so they queue for hours for handouts.

  • MARCUS PRIOR, World Food Program:

    No one is more frustrated than ourselves that we face such massive challenges in getting food out. But we are moving that food faster now. We're — we are looking to get up to 160,000 people a day, and we are very close to that now.


    These are the elderly and disabled people ITV News filmed just after the earthquake. Then they were cast out onto the street in the baking heat. Now they're settled in aid tents, but what a way to spend your latter years, frightened, displaced, disorientated.

    So many are trying to leave, jostling for position at the immigration office for a passport out of this place. The street signs say it all, written in English for the Western world to understand.

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