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Aid Official Discusses Challenges of Working in Myanmar

The military regime governing Myanmar has been slow to relax its grip on things even in the wake of the current humanitarian crisis there, which has drawn criticism from many quarters. An official with a nonprofit working in Myanmar describes the challenges they face there.

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    Tim Costello of World Vision, welcome to the program.

  • TIM COSTELLO, World Vision Australia, CEO:

    Thank you.


    Well, there's word today of aid shipments being allowed in. Is there any sign that the government is more willing to cooperate with nations trying to help?


    Yes, the door is a little more ajar. It's not wide open. As you know, that's just been a trickle of aid, a three-inch pipe, if you like, when we need a 30-foot pipe just pumping it through to reach tens of thousands who still haven't got aid to.

    But today has been better news. But, still, the scale of this disaster and the level of suffering, there hasn't been a commensurate response.

    And the shipments coming in have to be unloaded, and foreign personnel have to get back on them and leave. And they have to be unloaded and handed over to the government, which obviously isn't ideal, but still you take whatever hope and joy you can.