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Amid Shock Over Attacks, Mumbai Residents Question City’s Security

Mumbai residents returned to work Monday for the first time since last week's terrorist attacks. But Indians remained shocked and angry at the newly-evident holes in the city's security. Simon Marks reports from Mumbai on the aftermath of the attacks.

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  • SIMON MARKS, NewsHour Special Correspondent:

    The people of Mumbai returned to work this morning in their millions. By all accounts, it was a normal rush hour at the city's main railroad station, which was teeming with passengers hanging off the trains that bring them to the city each morning from its sprawling suburbs.

    This was the first real rush hour since last week's coordinated attacks. And this very station was one of the terrorists' first targets.

    More than 50 commuters, police officers and railroad workers were murdered here in an indiscriminate rampage, the first stage of a terrorist siege of the city that would last for 60 hours.

    Commuters this morning were displaying what's known as the spirit of Mumbai, a resilience that is one of the city's hallmarks.


    This is like a big shock to the people. And they just want to show everybody that, you know, Mumbai, come what may, will fight back and they'll do what it takes to be normal.


    Yet, while many here take pride in the city's ability to emulate New York and London and pick itself up, dust itself down, and go back to work, there is still a sense of disbelief in the air over the events of last week.

    All day long, crowds of people gathered at the two hotels that were besieged by the terrorists. Some simply wanted to take a look. Others took pictures on their cell phones that they sent to friends. And many of them expressed anger toward the ruling authorities here, both the national and local governments that they accuse of failing to protect Mumbai and its people.


    I think what we desperately lack is good leaders.

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