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Architect Renzo Piano on the Modern Wing of the Art Institute of Chicago

Architect Renzo Piano speaks with Jeffrey Brown about his work building the new modern wing to the Art Institute of Chicago.

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    It is, first and foremost, an addition. The new modern wing of the Art Institute of Chicago was intended to expand one of the nation's leading museums and to provide space for its collection of modern and contemporary art.

    But Italian architect Renzo Piano also conceived it as an addition in a deeper sense to a city rich in architectural condition.

  • RENZO PIANO, architect:

    You know, as an architect, I grew up with the mythology of Chicago as a city of invention. And, you know, I was a young architect, and I was traveling. And Chicago was already my mythological place. And, when I was offered this job, I didn't think about it. I said, yes, great. I want to do it.


    Piano's new wing is made of steel, aluminum, limestone, glass, and light itself, which he considers a kind of material.