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Arizona Incumbent Prepares for Election Fight over Immigration

Immigration has become a key election issue in Arizona this year as Republican Sen. John Kyl tries to retain his seat and voters consider ballot initiatives to make English the official state language and deny undocumented workers certain state services.

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    The Fourth of July congressional break provides members, particularly those with an eye on the fall elections, with a good opportunity to meet with constituents and discuss the issues. And what better place to do it than at a parade?

    SEN. JON KYL (R), Arizona: Hi, guys! How are you?


    Arizona Senator Jon Kyl worked both sides of the street at the Frontier Days celebration in Prescott during his break.


    We'll mosey on down to the OK Corral.


    The two-term Republican is counting on his conservative supporters here to send him back to Washington for a third term. But with Congress and President Bush saddled with low approval ratings, Kyl knows Republican voters might need to be motivated to turn out on Election Day, and he believes his positions on immigration will give them a reason to.


    Immigration is the issue in Arizona. More than half of the illegal immigrants coming into the United States pass through Arizona. Some stay. And everyone here is aware of it. It is the big issue.

    First of all, make sure that you have in place all of the things you need to secure the border, which will take time, but commit the resources necessary to it. And we haven't done that yet.


    Does that mean build a wall?


    No, it means build probably 300 or 400 miles of fencing in the urban areas.

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